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It is not enough to simply add META tags and to submit your site to a million search engine indexes and directories. The first promotion step in obtaining significant web visitor counts is to seek first-page search engine results. An early step is to build a great content-rich site. One of the last steps is the proper submission of your great site to the search engine or directory. In the middle is a step that is VITAL if you want to obtain front-page results, and most sites skim past this step because it is forgotten or too complex, but without it you are destined to be search engine fodder.

There are no search engine optimization secrets -- just ranking and promotion methodologies to follow in order to beat your competition in obtaining a high search engine promotion ranking for desired search keywords criteria. This site targets improving web site search engine result rankings by using a "follow the leader" approach to keyword selection and page wording. For a major search engine, your search position, placement optimization, and ranking are commonly controlled by META keywords and top of page text. Once you know what keywords worked for the "leaders", you can "beat the leader" and do even better! Proper web ranking optimization results requires that you beat your competition, so knowing the keywords used by your competition is the most important first step. It will become obvious that good ranking excludes keyword spamming the search engine, and that with the careful selection of your keywords that you will fare well for a little effort.

  • Step 1: Finding effective keywords and phrases for your Web site
  • Step 2: Using correctly formatted title and meta tags on all pages
  • Step 3: Optimizing your content and design for higher rankings
  • Step 4: Making doorway pages for carefully selected keywords
  • Step 5: Checking for spam -- and other common mistakes
  • Step 6: Registering a high-ranking, keyword-rich domain
  • Step 7: Discovering search engine friendly Web hosting
  • Step 8: Adding your URL to the top 100 search engines
  • Step 9: Monitoring and improving your site's ranking

Selecting effective keywords Keywords are the words that people will type into the search engines when looking for your product or service. Selecting effective keywords should be the first step for anyone planning to build a high ranking Web site. After all, it makes no sense obtaining a good search engine placement for keywords that rarely will be used by anyone. But how are you supposed to know what keywords to optimize for? How can you figure out which keywords are the most popular among those looking to buy your product or read your site? What exactly are all those people typing into the search box?

Avoiding keywords: Avoid using trademarks and company names (not belonging to you) as keywords. This can get you in serious trouble with the law. Don't use any keywords just because they are popular. Do not use any keywords like "sex" or "money" in your meta keywords unless those words really are related to the content of your site. Don't try hiding additional keywords by using the same color as the background of the page, tiny font, tailing or similar methods. Doing this will only lower your rank when the search engine spam filters catch you.

Why use HTML meta tags? Meta tags are special HTML tags inserted into the source code of your pages, containing hidden information about your site. The purpose of meta tags are explaining to the search engines what your page is all about. HTML meta tags are not a magic solution to higher search engine placement. Never or less they are essential parts of a well-designed Web site. So let us try to put them to work for you:

There are several meta tags, but only three are important: The description meta tag, the keyword meta tag and the title tag (strictly speaking the title tag is not a meta tag, but I will refer to it as such on this page). The title, description and keyword meta tags are the only tags that should be in the section of your pages. It is especially important that you do not use the meta refresh tag, the meta redirect tag or robots meta tag if you want your site to be properly indexed by all search engines and get a high search engine placement.

<TITLE>The page title is placed here</TITLE>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="This is a short description for your page.">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="place a keyword here,another keyword here">
(This is where the visible text and images in the page are placed.)

The title tag The title tag is perhaps the most important tag on your page. It should be the first tag in the section of all your pages. Place it above your description and keyword meta tags.

Description meta tags Description meta tags. Right after the title, the description meta tag follows. This should be a short paragraph (one or two sentences) capturing the "essence" of your site. Along with the title, the description meta tag is what encourages people to click on your search engine listing.

Keyword meta tags Keyword meta tags. The keyword tag is not as important as the title and description meta tag. Some search engines are now totally ignoring this tag. But used correctly the keyword meta tag still can contribute to a higher rank.

Doorway Pages :

Doorway pages are Web pages designed for only one reason: Getting a high search engine placement on a particular search engine for a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

Some search engine spam techniques

  • Invisible text.
  • Keyword stuffing are often used along with hidden text, but can also be used to repeat keywords over and over again on the bottom of the page (tailing) in tiny font or within meta tags (or other hidden tags). This is a very popular search engine spam trick.
  • Unrelated keywords.
  • Hidden tags. The use of keywords in hidden HTML tags like comment tags, style tags, http-equiv tags, hidden value tags, alt tags, font tags, author tags, option tags, noframes tags (on sites not using frames) and hidden links might be considered search engine spam by some search engines. Others will allow it.
  • Identical pages (or very similar pages). Don't duplicate a Web page (or doorway page), give the copies different file names, and submit them all (mirror pages).
  • Over submitting.
  • No content

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