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WEB DESIGNING : Web Development

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Designing your new business website can be a difficult task. Centauri Vision design services will have your site professionally designed and running in no time at all. Our professional web design team will assist you with your specific needs. With experience with popular tools such as Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop your sure to have the best looking website around in no time. We will make your website stand out from the rest of the web at a quarter of the cost you would pay for the same quality of work with other design firms.

We give you more control on the way you like to design your site. You can talk one on one with us and let us know how you like the site setup and created. Why bother with pre-made templates others use that make your site look likes thousands of others on the web. Our talented designers will give you a customised looking website that will fit you and your business. We work closely with you during all phases of the development process. Your involvement is the best way to insure a successful web site. We approach development of a web site, whether six pages or thousands of pages, in the following manner:

We discuss with you regarding what you have in mind for your business website. Also try to understand how you like to build your site. If you cannot figure out what you like we can show you samples and make you understand what would be best for your business needs. There is no hassle and no salesman pressure on you to make your choice quickly. You take your time and think over the plan until you finalize the project. If you are located in our current location our designer would come see you personally and understand your business and website plan so he or she gets a better understanding before beginning work on your website.

Ones you have given the go to build your website. We would gather as much information from you as possible, including text materials, details about layout, color, domain name registration if you don't already have one, photos ( you can provide us with pictures or we can come and take the pictures with our digital camera which would be part of the cost of the website and will not be charged extra and anything else we would need to start setting up your website.

We develop and creates the web site, all the while making the developmental site available to the client at a private URL. No part of the web site is formally placed online without client's approval.

Ones you have approved the site for placement online and files will be active for everyone in the world to see as your business finally goes online.

We immediately provide you Mail and FTP - File Transfer Protocol Access to you so you can download, edit, upload and make any necessary changes to your website. You get unlimited FTP access and Multiple Emails "YourName"@YourCompany.com for you, your and your employess.


We provides a basic registration of the site with all major search engines, plus any supplemental search engines specifically requested by the client. A more extended registration is available at additional cost. Usually, however, this is not necessary. It would take a few months before your site will be listed in the most major search engines so be patient when you don't see your site listed within the month. Also the more content - text - you have on the site inluding the amount of pages on the site is an important factor in getting listed. We also give you instruction to you as to how to market the web site. This instruction includes, but is not limited to, registration with search engines and how to effect prime placement on the engines.

If your satisfied with your business website, your final payment to the company is processed and billed. After your payment depending on your pricing plan you will still be eligable for website support and questions. So that means after you payed we don;t shut you out like other companies. You are still treated with the same respect as a new client and given the help you need to continue improving your website.

Web Development | Portfolio | Pricing | Request a Proposal